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Small map setup variants

Ready to try a new map layout? Check out these brand new small map variants.

Every game of Oros starts with a map setup: the placement of land tiles that determines where you’ll start your journey. These new map variants add variety and variability—changing the opening moves each player takes and inviting new initial strategies to unfold.

The following map variants are designed for 1-4 player games on the small map. Try one out and send me your thoughts! Check out the large map variants, too.

  • 4 small map variants
  • 1–4 players

Standard small map

Small map standard setup

The Valley of Rifts

Ring of islands. Edges of land. Simple starting moves.

Small map setup variant: The Valley of Rifts

The Subduction Pattern

Weave of tiles. Four big fours. Quick mountain making.

Small map setup variant: The Subduction Pattern

The Oceanic Trench

Divided masses. Scattered volcanoes. Isolated starting spots.

Small map setup variant: The Oceanic Trench

Pearl of the Hadean Realm

Tiny islands. Massive volcanoes. Ready to erupt.

Small map setup variant: Pearl of the Hadean Realm


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