Aesc Games is an indie board game studio dedicated to crafting unique, clever, and obsession-worthy games. We are a collective of doers. Fellows of craft. Masters of myriad magics. We believe board games have the power to bring people together in happy, energizing experiences. We work together to craft games that bring that magic to every table.

Brandt Brinkerhoff

Brandt Brinkerhoff is the founder and mastermind behind Aesc Games. As a seasoned graphic designer, experience designer, and creative strategist he brings a hands-on do-it-all approach to every aspect of game design, development, and publishing.

Brandt is the game designer, developer, illustrator, copywriter, graphic designer, publisher, videographer, 3D renderer guy, and animator behind the award-winning and flagship title, Oros. Brandt launched and ran the Oros campaign on Kickstarter in the summer of 2021.

How do you say “aesc”?

Aesc, pronounced “ash”, is a typographic ligature that joins an “a” and “e” character along a shared stem. We believe a great game should work similarly by bringing together thematics, mechanics, and aesthetics into a unique and harmonious play experience. The elegant curves and interlocking lines of our logomark abstractly depict people brought together around an amazing game.

Committed to excellence

We’ve got mountain-high standards around here.

Long-lasting design

We work with well-established and responsible vendors to produce high-quality game materials and components that are built to last through countless gameplays and on your shelf for years to come.

Reusability and recyclability

If your journey with one of our titles comes to an end, donate it! Your local second-hand shops, schools, and board game guilds would probably love to take it off your hands.

Mindful design

We despise wasted space and extraneous materials. We meticulously design our game components to limit waste. During all phases of development, production, and manufacturing, we tirelessly seek new efficiencies to benefit everyone.